Why Maintenance Programs Matter to Workers’ Compensation Insurance
January 20, 2022

Why Maintenance Programs Matter to Workers’ Compensation Insurance

Proper maintenance can be an important part of a business. It helps to ensure your equipment works well. Most people see this as a way of reducing costly equipment breakdowns. However, it can also help reduce workers’ compensation insurance claims. How do the two factors relate to each other? Here is what you should know. 
You Need Workers’ Compensation Insurance 

Workers’ compensation provides financial coverage when an employee suffers an injury. Many states require this insurance even if you have no injury claims. 

Why Maintenance Matters 

Here is a common situation. An employee goes to work, uses a machine, and the machine does not work properly. A part falls off, or the machinery gets stuck. The employee reaches in to fix it. And, then, the employee suffers an injury.  

While this may seem simplistic, it is one of the most common causes for employee injuries. Failed equipment is not uncommon, either. With a strong maintenance program, it is less likely your equipment will fail.  Guy laying on ground holding arm
For many employees, this is good news. For example, perhaps an employee has to pull on a handle. Over time, that handle does not move easily. More force is necessary. Doing this day in and day out can create repetitive injuries. That leads to costly workers’ compensation insurance claims. However, maintenance could fix this problem early on, minimizing this risk. 

How to Get Started 
If your equipment needs attention, invest in it. Doing so can protect your employees and your workers’ comp insurance cost. This may start with turning to the owner’s manual for the equipment.  


  • What the manufacturer recommends for ongoing maintenance of the system 

  • How frequently the company’s equipment needs servicing 

  • How to get that help – some manufacturers provide specific service providers 

Then, set up an in-house training program for your maintenance team. Preventative maintenance is the core of keeping your equipment working properly. This may mean tasks for your maintenance team to do daily, weekly, monthly and so on. It also is important to have a professional inspect the equipment and make repairs to it at least one time every year. 

Follow the guidelines your manufacturer offers. Keep your systems working at their best. Doing so means your employees remain safe on the job. That might keep your insurance costs lower. It also keeps your equipment from failing and needed repair. 

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