Homeowners Insurance

Homeowners Insurance

Protect Your Home and Everything In It

Homeowners coverage is one of the most common forms of personal insurance. Such coverage is essential for anyone who owns property. After all, home-related incidents are often expensive to recover from. Fortunately, homeowners insurance can limit out-of-pocket recovery costs following covered incidents.

What Is Homeowners Insurance? 
Homeowners coverage—also called home insurance—is a type of policy that property owners purchase to ensure financial protection against damage that might occur to their homes due to various incidents, such as adverse weather conditions or fires. To maintain coverage, policyholders must pay their insurance providers monthly or annual premiums. In exchange for these premiums, policyholders will be given financial assistance to help with recovery costs amid covered incidents.

What Does Homeowners Insurance Cover? 
Policies vary between property owners and their particular situations, but standard home insurance typically includes the following forms of coverage:

  • Dwelling insurance—This type of coverage can help pay for repairing or rebuilding a property’s structure if it gets damaged.
  • Other structures insurance—Such coverage may assist with repair or rebuilding expenses following damage to other detached buildings on a property (e.g., a shed or gazebo).
  • Liability insurance—This coverage can help pay for costs arising from injuries or damage to others or their property if the policyholder is held responsible for these incidents.
  • Contents or personal property insurance—Such coverage may help pay for replacing clothes, furniture, electronics and other items in a home if they’re damaged or lost.
  • Loss of use insurance—This type of coverage can assist with additional living expenses that may result from property losses, such as finding temporary housing after a fire.

The agents at Legacy Insurance Services can provide more information about potential coverage options to include in a homeowners policy.

Is Homeowners Insurance Required? 
Homeowners insurance generally isn’t required, but specific lenders might require property owners to carry such coverage. Regardless of lender requirements, homeowners insurance can serve as a valuable form of financial protection amid property-related incidents, making this coverage crucial.

Learn More 
If you are a homeowner living in or near Colorado Springs or Denver, Colorado, the dedicated agents at Legacy Insurance Services can help you secure the right policy for your property.

To learn more about homeowners policy options, contact our agency today at 719-593-5814.

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