Teen Drivers: Adding New Drivers to Your Insurance
May 26, 2022

Teen Drivers: Adding New Drivers to Your Insurance

Parents, who have teenagers behind the steering wheel, know this momentous occurrence involves risk and money. New drivers are inexperienced, which means their auto insurance will cost more because of their higher level of risk. Motor vehicle crashes are highest among 16- to 19-year-olds than any other age group. The right insurance policy can provide a financial safeguard for your family if you have a teenage driver. 

Insuring a Teen Driver 
Many insurance companies allow teens with learner’s permits to be added to their parent’s auto insurance policy at no charge until they become licensed drivers—but your insurance company may be different. It’s important to talk to your insurer before your drivers get their permits so that you understand the full implications of insuring a teenage driver. It’s also essential to see how much it’ll cost to add your teen to your auto insurance policy. Typically, insuring a teen driver comes with a hefty price tag due to their inexperience behind the wheel and high statistics of crashes with the age group. Despite this, there may be cost-saving options available to you. For example, often, teenagers may qualify for a good student discount, which Legacy Insurance Broker may be able to obtain for your teenage driver.  girl in car

Additional Ways To Save on Insurance 
There are many ways you may be able to save on your auto premiums, even with a teenage driver. Your Legacy Insurance Broker agent can walk you through some of your options. Other cost-saving strategies to consider include:  

  • Choose the right vehicle for your teen. If you’re purchasing a vehicle for your newly licensed teen driver to use, be sure to research the type of car you’re getting, as it will affect your premiums. A vehicle’s age and model can affect your insurance premium. Sedans, minivans and SUVs often have the best rates for teens. 

  • Share a vehicle with your teen. Instead of adding another vehicle to your auto insurance, share one that’s already on your policy and make your teen the secondary driver. This option often costs less than if your teen is the vehicle’s primary driver.  

  • Raise your collision deductible. Increasing your comprehensive or collision deductible from $500 to $1,000 may save money on your monthly premium. Check with your insurer on what’s the best option for your insurance. 

  • Educate your teen on safe driving strategies. Teens are inexperienced drivers. Educating them on the rules of the road and other safe-driving tips can go a long way in helping them stay safe on the road.

Safe Driving Tips for Your Teen Driver 
As new drivers, teenagers can get distracted easily. You can take steps to reduce potential accidents by having your teen follow these guidelines: 

  • Restrict your teen’s nighttime driving. 

  • Don’t allow them to drive with more than one other person in the vehicle.  

  • Ban cell phone use while driving. 

  • Ride with your teens occasionally to ensure they follow the safety habits they learned in their driver’s education course. 

Learning to drive can be both exciting and scary. A new driver has a lot of responsibility. By having the right insurance for your new teenage driver, they have the security of knowing they have financial protection in the event of an accident or other damaging incident. If you’re in need of auto insurance for your teen driver, give us a call today.  

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