3 Scenarios That Pose Home Liability Risks
August 5, 2021

3 Scenarios That Pose Home Liability Risks

If someone gets hurt or their property gets damaged while in your home or as a result of your actions, you can be held liable for paying for the resulting bills. Paying for a friend’s new phone after your dog chewed up the old one may not be a detrimental expense, but paying for the medical bills after a guest slips on your icy walkway may cost thousands. Buying a homeowners policy with liability insurance can help in a variety of covered events. Let’s take a close look at three distinct possible incidents: Home Insurance Policy Papers

  1. A heavy snowfall weighs down the branches of a large tree in your front yard with snow and ice. After hours, or even days, of the added pressure, a branch with a heavy load can’t bear it any longer. It cracks and splinters until it crashes down, right on top of your neighbor’s fence and garden. Because it’s your responsibility to trim away any hazardous branches, you could be held liable for the repair and material expenses associated with rebuilding the fence and replanting the garden. 

  2.  A tread on your staircase is loose, but you pushed off getting it repaired to save the expense. You and your family have learned to skip that step or to step on it with extra caution while walking up and down. But you forget to offer that advice to a guest, who then proceeds to slip on the loose tread and fall down the stairs. The resulting broken arm will need to be treated in a hospital, on your dime since it’s your responsibility to maintain a safe home and warn guests of any potential dangers.

  3.  A guest brings over his brand new, custom designed guitar to show you. After the demonstration, you go out for a late dinner with your friend and spouse. Your son, who is old enough to stay home alone, remains behind because he has school tomorrow. However, while you’re away, he get curious and picks up the guitar to try his hand as a rock star. A few emphatic strums and he slips over the amplifier cable and drops the guitar, which cracks the varnish and mars the wood. As your child and his behavior are your responsibility, you will likely be held liable for having a new guitar custom made for your friend.

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