Car Insurance for Mom and Dad: Tips for Talking to Your Parents About Elderly Driving
February 11, 2022

Car Insurance for Mom and Dad: Tips for Talking to Your Parents About Elderly Driving

Car insurance needs change over your lifetime. It is important for each individual to have a plan that represents their current needs. As people get older, they may no longer need comprehensive coverage or extensive protection. Sometimes, it becomes even more important to consider a person’s ability to drive safely. If you worry about your loved one’s ability to drive, it may be time to have a frank discussion with them. 

Tips for Discussing Risk with Elderly Drivers 
While it may be difficult to have this conversation, doing so is essential. Many men and women will begin to lose the faculties to drive safely during their later years. That’s normal. You may see increased costs for auto insurance as a direct result of the increased risk.  

When it is time to speak to your loved ones, consider these tips. Old man driving a car

  • Speak to them logically while showing respect. Don’t tell them what to do. Explain your fears and concerns instead. This helps soothe frustrations and fears. 

  • Communicate the risks clearly. Sometimes individuals do not recognize what is happening or why change needs to occur. Provide examples that are concerning. For example, if they cannot hear well or see well, this makes the driver more prone to accidents. 

  • Ask them to speak to their doctor about it. In some situations, it is best to get an expert’s opinion. With hearing, vision, and other testing, a doctor can determine if a person is safe enough to drive. 

  • Be specific about the risk to loved ones. For example, discuss what it would mean if someone in the car with the driver gets hurt. Discuss what might happen if the driver suffered injuries. 

  • Talk about the finances involved. What would it mean for the driver’s assets if he or she damaged someone’s property and a lawsuit occurred? How much will car insurance premiums rise with their age? 

Speak to your auto insurance company about options as well. Discuss the risks involved. Most importantly, be sure that they have a comprehensive insurance plan. This will help if an accident occurs. Take steps to minimize financial risk.  

However, it is still very important to consider realism. If a driver is at risk, be sure they know that. Taking these steps is essential. It helps you protect your loved one from life-threatening conditions. 

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