Breaking Down Claims for Glass Damage: When to File
June 28, 2024

Breaking Down Claims for Glass Damage: When to File

macrophotography of cracked glass screen symbolizing what you can do for claims for glass damageAuto insurance provides protection, including claims for glass damage, and other forms of damage to your vehicle.

It’s important to ensure the glass on your vehicle is always in good shape. A small crack can lead to the window shattering while you are on the road.

That can be dangerous to you. It is important to understand when your car insurance can help.

What Caused the Damage?

Glass damage occurs for a variety of reasons. A small rock kicked up from the ground while on the highway can cause a small (or large) nick in the glass. When this happens, your comprehensive auto insurance may help with some of the loss.

If someone vandalizes the vehicle, damaging the glass, your plan may help cover the costs, too.

However, auto insurance does not cover damage related to poor maintenance and care. For example, if the window shatters because you did not repair the leaking seal, the insurer may not offer coverage.

Your insurer may even deny coverage for neglected cracks in the windshield. You should make an effort to have these items repaired expediently.

What Is Your Deductible?

Auto insurance often has a deductible. This is the amount you will pay first before the insurance coverage kicks in. Most deductibles are at least $500 (some are significantly more.) Repairing the windshield of your vehicle may not cost that much.

For example, the local repair shop may charge $150 to replace the window. Your deductible is $500. The insurer would not pay you anything for the damage because the damage does not meet the deductible level.

Speak to your car insurance agent. Learn more about how much your deductible is.

More Extensive Claims for Glass Damage

Damage to multiple windows could mean a significantly higher cost for repair. For example, if hail damages several windows on your car, the car insurance might cover the loss. You still need to pay the deductible. However, any amount over that may have coverage. This is the type of damage comprehensive auto insurance covers.

What Insurance Do You Have?

Keep in mind that liability insurance does not cover glass damage. It only covers damage you cause to another person’s property. Comprehensive coverage, and in some cases collision insurance, may be able to cover your losses.

Glass damage can happen to anyone at any time. Having auto insurance helps reduce the risk of paying high costs for this type of damage. Yet, coverage can have limitations for most drivers. Know what they are by speaking to your agent.

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