BOP Insurance and How It Covers Storm Damage
May 17, 2021

BOP Insurance and How It Covers Storm Damage

Severe weather is predictable, but even the best meteorologists cannot guarantee how bad a storm might be until it is over. It is not uncommon for even relatively short, minor storms to do significant property damage before they are gone. If your business sustains damage, then you naturally want to rebuild as quickly and affordably as possible. woman standing outside flower business

For assistance paying for storm damage, small businesses can turn to the property insurance within their business owners policy (BOP). Though commercial property insurance is very extensive when tailored correctly, it will always have its limits and conditions attached. Work closely with your agent to determine precisely where your benefits will help you when you need to file a claim. 

Storm Damage and Property Insurance 
Severe weather is unpredictable, no matter how much advance warning you might have. After it’s over, you might find that your commercial property has experienced significant damage. Stock, machinery and furnishings might all be either destroyed or in need of significant repairs, and this might prove costly. 

Equipment damage due to a storm is not uncommon. For example:  

  • A lightning strike can cause an electrical surge through your business’s equipment. This can even start a fire. 

  • Fires might also result from lightning strikes on the roof of the business. 

  • High winds might damage the structure, allowing in debris and rainwater. 

  • Hail might break windows, damage your roof or cause other significant damage.


Still, the property insurance within your BOP will be there to help you when your equipment and other property sustain damage in a storm. However, it’s important to note that this coverage still has specific provisions. If the damage was due to wear and tear, or to poor maintenance, the policy may not help.  

Filing a Storm Damage Claim 
As soon as a storm is over and you have secured your property, contact your insurance company. Property damage claims generally skyrocket after storms strike certain areas, and the sooner you start your claim, the sooner you will get your business on the road to recovery. 

When you contact your agent, discuss the nature of the damage, and take photos to help support the claim. Do not clean up or try to make repairs unless your agent instructs you to do so. They might need to dispatch a claims adjuster to your location so that they can get a full picture of both the cause and the nature of the damage. 

Working with your agent, you can determine the value of repairs necessary, and your agent can tell you precisely what your policy will pay for these losses. There is a maximum payout that your plan will pay for any claim, and deductibles will usually apply to property damage claims. Your policy documents will explain these terms. 

Be sure your BOP always represents the value of your property assets. It can make a big difference in the long term when it comes to protecting your business operations. 

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