4 Ways to Protect Your Business Data
June 30, 2022

4 Ways to Protect Your Business Data

Essentially every business stores some limit of data before and during operation. Protecting that data is crucial for keeping your business safe from financial and information loss as well as related lawsuits.

Here are some easy ways to protect your business’ data from hackers and other breaches.

1. Train Your Staff on Security Protocols 
Many hackers access your data by taking advantage of unsuspecting employees. Employees could unknowingly lead a hacker inside of your information base or create an opening by connecting to an unsecure line while working remotely. They can also fall prey to phishing.person on laptop

Phishing is where a hacker poses as a supposedly reputable source and gets someone to supply data.  
Educate your employees on the many ways hackers can breach your facilities and hack your data. You can reduce the chances of it happening by making sure your employees are trained to identify potential scams.

2. Protect Your Data with Encryption 
When it comes to hacking, many hackers look for weaknesses in your systems. All too often, the easiest access to your system is using an employee’s password.  

To protect your system against this, use an encryption system. Encryption systems will prevent hackers from using simple programs to decipher your employees’ passwords. Encryption applies another layer of security that works with your current security protocols. It is important to choose firewalls and encryption systems with a proven track record for preventing hacking.

3. Protect Your Mobile Systems 
Mobile devices are a daily part of our lives. Many companies are using them, too, to enhance their staff’s productivity. However, many mobile devices do not have the same level of security as desktops and laptops.  

With weaker security systems, mobile devices are sometimes easy to compromise. However, you can secure the mobile devices by securing your wireless network. You may also consider purchasing business cell phones that designed for enterprise use. 

4. Buy Data Breach Business Insurance 
Insurance is one of the most important ways to protect businesses from risks. Data breach insurance will protect you financially, should a data breach occur. 

Data breach insurance is sometimes also called cybersecurity insurance. It will help your business recover in the event of a breach. You can bundle cybersecurity and cyber liability insurance into your business insurance policy.
Make sure to protect your business’ information in case of a hacker or other accident that could threaten your business’ data with Legacy Insurance Services.


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